Friday, February 28, 2020

Rocket Stand

A couple years ago I built a rocket launcher (turn key, push button, liftoff!), but just sticking a metal rod into the ground wasn't exactly an ideal way to keep them vertical. A local Makerspace opened up and started offering welding classes. I always wanted to learn how to weld, so took the short class and then had an hour one-on-one session to work on whatever project I wanted. Remembering that need for a rocket stand, that was the project I went with.

They taught MIG welding (and since I'm a beginner), I went with all steel for the material. Home Depot had square bars, sheet metal, and a steel rod relatively cheap and in stock. Around $20 for all the materials.

No progress pics, but the final product...

The rod is way too thin to just weld onto the sheet metal. So I welded a shorter square bar vertically to the sheet metal then the rod onto the bar.


I highly recommend checking out if you have a nearby Makerspace/similar that offers the one day welding classes. Very fun and educational.

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