Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Campaign Manager: Clipboard

I've not published the Campaign Manager for public use yet, but quite a few more features have been added to it.

The clipboard for encounters is complete - you can Cut/Copy/Paste them now.

Context Menus have been greatly expanded as well.

Right clicking in the open campaign area...

Right clicking on an encounter...

Right clicking on a link between encounters...

Combats are now saved / loaded with the campaign. If closed, they can be brought back from the Players menu.

A big must have improvement is the ability to select paths to be relative or absolute. If relative, then the Campaign Manager stores the saved paths relative to where the loaded campaign is saved. If absolute, then it stores the full path. The manager asks if the target should be saved as relative or absolute path. Relative paths are useful when your resource files for the campaign are located alongside the campaign manager file. Alternatively, it's possible you have a shared folder for many campaigns / projects in which case you may want an absolute path. Those paths will continue to open even if only the campaign manager file has been moved.

If relative selected...

Lastly I've cleaned up lots of little glitchy things like dialog boxes appearing behind encounter / combat forms, flashing background images, not marking the campaign as unsaved when it should have been, and some other minor items.

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