Sunday, November 16, 2014


Welcome all. My name in Clint, and I've started this blog to share some of the various engineering projects I work on in my spare time. I've been helped so much from other blogs and tutorials scattered across the Internet; hopefully others may find mine informative as well! I can't say this will be regularly updated - it will mostly be when I've reached a solid milestone in one of my many projects (far too many to admit!).

You can expect projects encompassing:
Aerospace engineering including aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft.
Hardware including simple circuits, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis.
Various toys including electric cars, 3-D printers, and smart watches.
Software coding for all of the above.

Everyone needs an office cat on their mock F-16 cockpit seat.

This isn't my first venture into blogging. Back in 2008/2009 I converted a 1978 Triumph Spitfire to fully electric and shared the progress online. That car is still running and road legal today. Rather than duplicate all those entries here, I'll make my next post an overview and update of the car.

And with that, here we go...

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