Friday, June 29, 2018

RPG: Sounds

No images worth posting for this update, but there was progress nevertheless...

Sounds have been added to the game! The sound volume is dynamic - it adjusts as the player gets further or closer from its source. I still need a large library of sound effects, but the plumbing is in to easily trigger one for an event.

Characters can also have "idle sounds" that play randomly. For example, a tree may have a short audio clip of birds chirping that it will randomly play. If you're next to one tree you'll hear it pretty rarely, but if you walk into a large group of trees it sounds like a forest full of life. I was originally going to add background music, but the ambient character sounds are so good I'll probably just use that.

I've also put a lot of effort into externalizing all character data. Once that is done it will be far quicker & easier to expand the character library.