Friday, November 30, 2018

RPG: Tactics 2

In theory, all tactics are now in! I've already made and discarded a couple tactics I found lacking - so there could always be more adjustment in the future, but these are pretty solid.

The idea was to have 20 very distinct types of tactics a player can choose between. There are some similarities between a few of them, but really the goal is to offer several very different options for a player in a given scenario. Need to steal something that's being guarded? You could kill the person guarding it, charm them into liking you, go invisible and sneak past them, teleport in and out before they can react, or throw up vines to slow them down so you can run past.

They still need balancing, but here they are:

Row #1: General

Abilities that are non-magical.


Search the ground for hidden items. After using, invisible items will suddenly appear.


Use your wielded weapon - sword or ranged weapon, or fists if unarmed.

Lock Pick

Pick the lock of a chest. (Unlocked chests can be opened with single left click. Locked chests must either be hit many times with a weapon or be lock picked.)


Repairs a broken item. Does not bring once living things back to life.


Attempts to convince a target creature to be friendly to you, if only temporary. Also improves your overall reputation with the target creature's allegiance.

Row #2: Arcane Spells (Wizard)

Abilities that come from the power within the person.


Temporarily increases the vision range of the player.


Instantly jump to somewhere else that you have vision on.


Send a flaming projectile in a given direction. It explodes upon impact and causes damage to anything nearby.

Directed Energy

Send an energy beam in a given direction. Beam energy passes through creatures to continue damaging those behind.


Temporarily causes the player to be invisible - enemy creatures won't be able to see and attack the player.

Row #3: Divine Spells (Cleric)

Abilities that came from the power of a deity.


Heal yourself or a target character.


Create a protective ring around yourself or a target character.


Show the relative alignment of nearby characters.

Holy Bolt

Request a bolt of lightning to come down on a target character.


Bring a target person/creature back to life.

Row #4: Nature Spells (Druid)

Abilities that came from the Earth.


Cause a target plant to regrow.


Creates vines out of the ground to slow down all creatures within an area for a short period of time.

Flame Wall

Create a ring of fire that causes continuous damage to anyone within it for a short period of time.


Create a snow storm that both damages and slows down anyone within it for a short period of time.

Summon Golem

Create an Earth Golem that fights your enemies for a short period of time.