Thursday, March 7, 2019

Board Game: Slay the Oly Dragon Printed Prototype

I received the first professionally printed version of the game, and it looks fantastic!

I've been doing a LOT of play testing with it. With my family, friends, and even showing it at the local game store to strangers. Going to the game store for feedback was kind of a bust; since this is a family game it just wasn't the right audience. I've been getting great feedback from friends with families though.

Added some clarification to rules. Many changes to the artwork - shades of colors tweaked, fixed graphic artifacts, and added more detail. But the most time spent has been on balancing. I found the game to be too easy, so I bumped up the attack requirements for nearly every monster. It feels pretty good now, but it requires so many playthroughs to build up the confidence to say it's solid.

My computer RPG is on a very brief hold, but I will return to it!