Friday, May 26, 2017

Office / Shop: Data Wiring

Electrical is all done, but now's the perfect opportunity to hide all my data cables in the walls before insulation/drywall goes up.

Since I'm planning on mounting a projector in the ceiling of the office, might as well wire up 5.1 surround sound as well! (I debated going with a 7.1 solution, but decided against it as the office is relatively small - only 12x24'.)

Rough sketch of shop layout...

I went with 14 Gauge CL2 (approved for in-wall) speaker cable.

One of the shop audio jacks...

One of the office audio jacks...

Offices typically have an in-wall telecommunication/media panel (similar to an electrical panel) that houses the termination points of all the data lines and the switch. I'm going to buy a half-rack instead that contains the switch, audio/visual equipment, and other hardware, so I'll just terminate all the wires to at the wall.

There will be quite a few wires from the rack to this part of the wall, but they should be fairly tidy and hidden behind the rack. There are six network ports here; five of them go to other ports along the office/shop walls but the blue one is routed back to the house for Internet.

I also added the T shape 2x4s to add stability for the 3 gang box.

Wiring up the 5.1 surround audio and HDMI cable...

Looking good!

The Home Theater panel is for 7.1 surround sound, but I only have 5.1 for the office. The two rear channels of the 7.1 panel are to the speaker jacks in the shop.

I didn't think insulation deserved its own post, so here is the progress late into the night...

My helper.

All done!

12x 1 Gang Box ($10)
3 Gang Box ($3)
100' Indoor/Outdoor Cat5E ($30)
100' Indoor Cat5E ($20)
250' 14 Gauge CL2 Speaker Cable ($60)
3-Gang 7.1 Home Theatre Cover ($17)
25' HDMI Cable ($16)
2x 5 Pack 2 Connector Banana Wall Plate ($34)
11x Cat5E Jacks ($30)
6 Port Wall Plate ($1)
5x 1 Port Wall Plate ($5)
Cable Mounting Hardware ($15)
Other ($10)
Total: $251

Lots of my free time has been on this construction project, but I'm hoping to get back to Orbital Aero soon.