Friday, October 29, 2021

Campaign Manager: Regions / Groups / Installer

Major improvements this month to the Campaign Manager:

  • Simplified the Encounter control - options for the encounter can be set via right clicking or from the Encounter menu at the top.

  • Added a "grouping" function that gift wraps selected encounters to visually show they're grouped together.

  • Added "Regions" that can have background colors or background images assigned to them. Regions are always drawn behind Encounters, so Encounters can be overlaid on top of them. Additionally, Encounters can be linked to specific spots of a Region (like map markers).
  • Fixes to click ordering of encounters, selection, and made the campaign size adjustable.

  • Added sample campaigns to help users see the potential use cases of the software.

  • Created an installer that automatically places the executable in Program Files, supporting music and sample files in Program Data, and shortcuts.

And finally, I've shared the Campaign Manager with some friends to get feedback. I still have lots of features I want to add, but I'm at a point that I'm ready for input from others.