Saturday, January 3, 2015

Arduino Retro Computer: Second Joystick

I've been able to build and wire up my second joystick!

Learning some lessons from the first version, I did redesign the lid so it fits better into the case. Rather than the prongs in the corners, the lid now has 4 tabs along the top and bottom of the joystick. I can drill holes through the joystick case and into the tabs to add a set screw to keep the lid in position (in the picture above you can see a set screw at the top left and bottom right of each controller).

The guts of the two controllers...

I printed a new lid for the first joystick as well so they're the same. The wiring inside the two controllers are identical. I did change the pin layout at the Arduino for joystick #1 so it would be grouped with joystick #2. My new pin layout:

const int Joystick1SelectPin = 40;
const int Joystick1RightPin = 41;
const int Joystick1TopPin = 42;
const int Joystick1LeftPin = 43;
const int Joystick1BottomPin = 44;
const int Joystick1AnalogX = 0; // Analog 0
const int Joystick1AnalogY = 1; // Analog 1

const int Joystick2SelectPin = 45;
const int Joystick2RightPin = 46;
const int Joystick2TopPin = 47;
const int Joystick2LeftPin = 48;
const int Joystick2BottomPin = 49;
const int Joystick2AnalogX = 2; // Analog 2
const int Joystick2AnalogY = 3; // Analog 3

Initializing my joysticks with the Joystick Class (described in the previous post):

  joysticks[0].init(Joystick1SelectPin, Joystick1RightPin, Joystick1TopPin, 
                    Joystick1LeftPin, Joystick1BottomPin, Joystick1AnalogX, Joystick1AnalogY);
  joysticks[1].init(Joystick2SelectPin, Joystick2RightPin, Joystick2TopPin, 
                    Joystick2LeftPin, Joystick2BottomPin, Joystick2AnalogX, Joystick2AnalogY);

And of course someone became very interested while I was doing the final wiring.

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