Saturday, December 29, 2018

Board Game: Slay the Oly Dragon Artwork

The game mechanics for Slay the Oly Dragon have been firmed up and the new artwork is well underway. There was no chance it'd be done by Christmas, but a releasable product should be available in a few months. If I consider the prototype as version 1, then this first professionally printed game with actual artwork will be version 2. I'll do play tests with friends & family for awhile, make some adjustments, then hopefully have my purchasable version 3 as "final".

Teasers for the artwork...

Experimenting with using real world photos...

And finally a monster... (I actually have much better monster images made by a much more talented artist, but until everything is finalized I won't post them publicly.)

My goal is to have all artwork completed & printed game ordered by the end of January with friends & family play tests in February.

(Game images within this post are Copyright 2018 by Clinton Kam.)

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