Sunday, June 16, 2019

Board Game: Slay the Oly Dragon Released!

Slay the Oly Dragon board game has been officially released and is now available for purchase at The Game Crafter!

The game board and a few cards...

And How To Play video...

Unfortunately the game isn't cheap. I wanted the premium physical package - hard box, large game board, full sized cards, and nice player tokens. Add in the inefficiency of on-demand printing and shipping and it just costs a lot. Each purchase has a few bucks for me as profit, but it literally is just a few bucks. I'm not making any money on this; it is purely for fun.

More importantly though the game has been a hit with families that have played it.

Even if I sell very few to random people on the internet, I will be buying many copies as gifts for friends and family. This was definitely a passion project of the exact game I wanted to play with my family.

I think if the game was in the $20-30 range, then it could be a hit. That'd be closer to a typical kid's gift price point and it would be a great gift idea. However being in the $40s shipped its price unfortunately shifts itself more to board game enthusiasts (and they may be more inclined to more advanced gameplay). We shall see...

For things I'd change...
The Game Crafter printing was really nice, but a lot of the subtle details in the terrain did get washed out. Next time I'd exaggerate the texture so it comes out better. There could be more trees on the board and of more varieties. I could also have more card variations for shortcuts and obstructions. But these are all minor artwork items, the game play is solid and that's what matters. Maybe I spruce things up for the 2nd edition! (Don't wait for that one, who knows when that would get touched!)

I already have a running idea for my next board game that is far more commercially viable... a single player card only game that will be a fraction of the cost. But it is a ways off... I'm back on the computer RPG game with improvements moving along.

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