Thursday, October 24, 2019

RPG: Shops

Latest update is the ability to buy and sell from shops. I decided to not go with a dedicated buy/sell window similar to Diablo 2 / pretty much any recent RPG. Mine leverages the existing event system that was created for interacting with NPCs.

First off, let's go kill some rats to get their hides. (By the way, these are R.O.U.S.'s, so their hides are pretty big.)

And then visit the tanner! So far this store only offers to buy rat hides and sell rat leather armor. That will be expanded, but this won't be a general store. The tanner will only buy and sell stuff appropriate for that type of shop. I'm also not a fan of huge numbers of items and giant inventories; I don't envision the backpack getting bigger.

Clicking Sell Rat Hide increases your gold and takes the rat hide out of your backpack.

And clicking Buy Rat Leather Armor decreases your gold and drops a piece of armor ready to be picked up.

Small but significant step for the game!

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