Saturday, November 30, 2019

RPG: Smooth Zoom

Quick game update. I had someone play-test the game so I now have a laundry list of feedback to work on. Many suggestions were already on the to-do (the game is still in very early stages), but I received some great usability and "first impressions" suggestions to implement.

Other than some small issues fixed, the biggest update since my last post are:

I finalized on a zoom level / resolution for the tiles (I hope). Going with 150 x 150 pixels for each terrain tile. For the zoom level I think most players will use - that will draw the terrain tiles at their native resolution. You can zoom in and out from that, but then the image may have weird smoothing / anti-aliasing effects and look blurry. By having the tiles at the native resolution players should use, that will ensure the most crisp picture.

But concerning zooming... I've also added a smooth zoom / pan routine when you click the re-center button. Still a little tweaking to do, but it's pretty slick:

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