Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Campaign Manager: Released!

Took a lot for the final push, but Campaign Manager is officially released and available on!

I have 2 versions posted: A free trial version that is limited to 30 encounters (which is actually quite a few) and a full version for a very small price.

The marathon changes this past month include:

  • Fixed formatting in SRD v5.1 assets.

  • Associated .campaign files in File Explorer to open Campaign Manager.

  • Made nicer icons for add/edit/remove buttons.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for closing forms.
  • Added appropriate icons to all forms.

  • Added ability to assign an asset character type and description to a player or npc.

  • When creating a combat, use the initiative and health from the character type.
  • Add encounter over region by right clicking on it.

  • Improvements to sample campaigns.
  • Fixes to read-only assets / permissions in installed ProgramData path.
  • Created trial version.
  • Automated script that compiles and builds trial and release installers with a single click.
  • Offer to open existing combats instead of always creating new.

  • Added copy option for assets.
  • Added Barbarian and Cleric NPC assets.

  • Cleaned up variable names in campaign XML file.
  • A bunch of other little glitches and bugs fixed.

Please download the trial and give it a shot! More features will be added, but I'd love to get feedback on what should have priority.

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